Post-PPL Courses

Post-PPL Courses

Once the euphoria of qualifying to PPL standard has subsided most pilots then seek to add extra qualifications. In this way, skills are honed and expanded whilst gaining both experience and ability to fly in different weather conditions or at night or to fly a wider variety of aircraft.

We can teach you to fly at night (five-hour course) or in poorer weather than seen during your licence (IMC Rating is fifteen hours). If the aerobatics experience is your bag we can teach you this, too (in our De Havilland 1950's ex-military Chipmunk or citation 2 for advanced pilots) whilst also enjoying the fun of flying in a tail-wheel aircraft.

We also have Instructors who will pass on the skills required to fly a multi-engine aircraft (six-hour course) or teach you how to be a Flight Instructor yourself (thirty-hour course).

To keep your instrument flying skills up-to-date (or learn them in the first place) we have a PC-based Instrument Flying simulator, too.

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