National Private Pilot's Licence

National Private Pilot's Licence

The NPPL has been introduced in the UK as an alternative to the JAR PPL and is to the UK Civil Aviation Authority syllabus.



32 hours of flight training including:


22 hours of dual training with a qualified instructor.


10 hours of solo flight including:

- four hours of navigation
- qualifying cross-country flight involving landings at two other aerodromes, total distance 100nm.

Before flying solo, you must meet at least the DVLA Group I car driving medical standard or, for carrying passengers, the DVLA Group II HGV driving medical standard.


A Navigation Skill Test minimum one hour and General Handling Test approximately one hour. Covers all the elements practised during the course. It is designed to ensure the applicant has achieved the required standard for issue of the licence. WRITTEN EXAMINATIONS

You will have to sit written, mainly multiple choice examinations with a minimum 75% pass mark in:

- aviation law flight rules and procedures
- navigation
- meteorology
- aircraft general knowledge and principles of flight
- human performance and limitations
- flight performance and planning

The theoretical exam will be considered complete when a pass in all parts has been achieved within 18 months and will be valid for application within 24 months of successful completion.


This examination involves answering questions about the type of aircraft you've flown during your training.

Our staff includes CAA authorised Examiners able to conduct all the above tests and examinations.

Radio Telephony

A pass in both multiple-choice written paper and a practical (simulated flight) exercise are required for the issue of a Flight Radio Telephony Operator's (FRTO) Licence. This licence entitles the holder to operate the radio equipment in the aircraft and is a requirement before the pilot's licence is issued. We have Instructors who will teach the finer points not already learnt whilst flying and our two CAA Authorised FRTO Examiners will see you through the (not very arduous) tests.

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